Property Tax Information


  • A property deed on record at the Westchester County Clerk's office contains its legal description, official property address and owner(s) of record for all properties situated in Westchester County. The information transcribed from this document is used by all municipalities for assessment and tax billing purposes.
  • The time between a property being sold or transferred and the new owner being recorded on assessment and tax rolls at the local municipality can take at least six weeks or even longer.
  • Please contact the Treasurer's Office at 914-722-1170 to determine if your property has the correct name and mailing address.
  • There are three property tax billings per year:
    • April - Westchester County
    • July - Village of Scarsdale
    • September - Scarsdale School District
  • Please read the information on the tax bill carefully.
  • Payment of taxes after the penalty free period, as specified on the tax bill, will incur a penalty.
  • If you do not receive a tax bill within the first week of the months listed above and your taxes are not paid through an escrow account, please call the Treasurer's Office at 914-722-1170.
  • Per New York State statutes, the property owner is responsible for paying their property taxes and failure to receive a tax bill does not alleviate that responsibility.

Mary Lou McClure
Village Treasurer and
Town Custodian of Taxes

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