Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides administrative and technical support for the use of computer technology in the operation and management of Village Services. Primary applications, such as Finance and Public Safety operations, reside on two IBM AS/400 minicomputers, and are accessed through 104 workstations. Four Microsoft Windows 2000 Servers provide file, web, and email services. The Village Hall sends and receives over 4,000 pieces of email every month, and services over 12,000 requests for Village information from the internet, including 1,400 requests for online property information (November 2000). All areas are networked in order to share information. Hardware and software issues are addressed by IT for the purpose of integrating data and providing beneficial information throughout the organization to assist management in decision making.

There is a computer on almost every desk in Village Hall - utilized for all aspects of Village operations - payroll and purchasing as well as maintaining information on permits issued and taxes billed. In the Public Safety Department dispatching and reporting operations are automated. Additionally word processing and spreadsheet applications are extensively used by all personnel.

Property information is accessible either by property number (section, block and lot) or address. It includes basic property and building information, permits issued for the property, assessment data, and a history of tax and water billing and payments. The online property inquiry is available to any resident with a Village tax bill#. The property information on the internet is abridged to protect the privacy of the resident (no owner name or mailing address, no tax payment info, and no water information).

The Village Hall public terminals are located on the 1st and 2nd floors.

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